Yi Jing Huan Qi” – The pinnacle of ancient healing art Healing with the power of the mind

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医意, 针气, 气功念力的医疗医学是一门精湛的艺术,是黄帝内径第十三

篇 “移精变气” 所记载医学中的一门高深学问,许多著名的医学工作者都有这方面

的体验, 即在不知不觉地 将他丰富的医疗经验结合医疗意念,应用於他的工作中,

成功治愈许多痼病。 因此医是医艺, 用心也, 气功也, 意念力也, 是气功应用於

医疗的一门学问。 建议医学工作者也学习这门学问。

The first official record of “Yi Jing Huan Qi” can be found in Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine. The term “Yi Jing” literally means shifting the thought (Jing), while “Huan Qi” literally means changing the energy (Qi). Briefly, the theory described using the power of mind to restore the patients’ Qi from the state of imbalance to balance, thereby-rendering cure. This helps explain why the same illness can be cured by one practitioner but not necessary by another, even though if they may use similar methods.

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