Understanding What is Acupuncture

Complying with international standards, only disposable needles are used in this clinic. No needles are shared or reused.

Yi Jing Huan Qi” – The pinnacle of ancient healing art Healing with the power of the mind

The first official record of “Yi Jing Huan Qi” can be found in Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine. The term “Yi Jing” literally means shifting the thought (Jing), while “Huan Qi” literally means changing the energy (Qi).

Explore the various ancient techniques with e-system acupuncture


Rolled Moxa wool or cut moxa stick can be used here, placed close to the skin surface and on the needle before lighting it, commonly applied to chronic diseases, such as Omarthritis, Sciatica, Herpes Zoster, persistent Asthma, etc. Treatments are usually given once daily or every alternate day.

The Healing System and Bioholographic Acupuncture

Living beings have a remarkable ability to repair themselves and thus regain their anatomical and physiological integrity. This capacity for spontaneous healing is a part of life itself and a prerequisite for the evolution and continuity of life.

Treatment of Asthma in Children with Light Acupuncture Containing Singlet Oxygen Energy

Acupuncture is used the world over in the treatment of asthma. This use of acupuncture is confirmed by many clinical and experimental studies. Only a few of these studies, however, satisfy the strict criteria of medical documentation demanded in Western countries.