Acupuncture on Severe Chronic Lumbago

First visit in July 1993, with great amount of pain even when she was put on a wheel chair. Back pain for 30 years. 10 years ago had an episode of Acute Lumbago was treated with one acupuncture treatment in Japan and was cured. Two weeks before she had a sneeze and developed Chronic Lumbago since then. Went to hospital and was diagnosed as spinal cord displacement, causing her the pain and treated with cortisones and which seen no results. Upon my Diagnosis, it was Inflammation of the Large Intestines, a progressive inflammation of her appendix. Positive findings were made from points Kongzhui and Shangjuxu. The inflammation of these organs had caused the severe pains in the back, which caused her to be immobile.

Points selected were E-System Appendix, Hegu and treatment once a day for 3 days, followed by alternate days. To help her sleep better, moxibustion was used. To help with her lower limbs, Yanglingquan and Xuan Zhong was used.

Due to the immense pain she experienced, she had wanted to return to the hospital for her strong painkillers as I was due to travel to US the following day. However, I had advised her to continue the treatments here. By the 2nd treatment, patient was already feeling much better and was sleeping well. On the 4th treatment, she was able to walk a little on her own. Following treatments were focused in reinforcing her large intestine, gall bladder and liver. On the last treatment, the Auricular Diagnosis showed that her large intestines were low in demand.

Acupuncture on Thyroid Disorder of 3 years

Mr John I., 30, Indonesia, Businessman, 0701-15

A case of Thyroid Disorder for 3 years, maintained condition by western medications and regular follow-ups in the Endocrine Clinic. Blood results showed close to abnormal readings of TSH prior to the first visit to our centre. There was however inflammation on the thyroid glands which was recommended by the doctors in the hospital to surgically remove the gland. On the first visit in Jan 2007, readings was taken at 94/56, K90 and GB91. He was lethargic and obese (r/t thyroid disorder).
Points selected were ECIWO THROAT & THROAT of 2nd metacarpal bone, Neiguan, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Tiantu, Shang Yintang, Zhaohai, Zhongwan, Dazhui, Fengchi and Fengfu. Treatments were administered for 1 course of 5 treatments within 3 days. After the treatments, previous inflammation of the thyroid gland had subsided. Returned to Indonesia with Rhubarb and Tea herbal medicines as continuation of treatment.

On the next visit to Singapore, 8 months after, he had confirmed that the thyroid disorder was gone. The blood tests conducted at the Endocrine Clinic showed that he had normal readings without the thyroid medications.