Understanding What is Acupuncture


Complying with international standards, only disposable needles are used in this clinic.  No needles are shared or reused.



During an acupuncture session, patients might experience soreness and/or numbness in areas where the needles are being inserted.  This is a natural reaction of the body on the intrusion of a foreign object.  It is also based on this principle, that acupuncture stimulates and hence, induces the body to perform self-repair (healing) functions.  In some cases, strong stimulation is necessary and when this happens, an ‘electrifying’ sensation could be felt.  However, if the sensation is too strong or unbearable, it is important that patients alert the attending physician immediately.

Sensitive Patient may experience nausea, or superficial bleeding or tenderness on the acupuncture areas or encounter superficial hematomas (bruises) after treatment. This is considered normal and it will usually disappear after a few days.

In addition, moxibution and cupping might also yield the same effects.  As the condition of individual body’s varies, the extent of which, the body reacts to needle stimulation and the duration of these effects will also differ.



Hook needle, charn needling and hot needling are kinds of ancient therapy. These therapies are commonly used on patients whose conditions require stronger stimulation, such as those suffering from chronic diseases and persistent problems and do often produce greater sensation than normal acupuncture treatments. These treatment methods involve applying strong stimulation on selected acu-points to remove blockage, promote positive re-growth and strengthen the immune system that will destroy the disease and prevent recurrence.

These methods are only performed upon special requests by patients or under the recommendation of our physicians. Before commencing such treatments, the physician will give further explanation and advice to the patient.



Fever, flu, common cold, acute sore throat, cough, headache, stiff neck, twisted of wrist, constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, insomnia etc. Normally required 1 – 3 treatments.



Chronic headache, migraine, tinnitus, bronchitis, asthma, shortness of breath, dyspnoea, vertigo, mental disturbance, depression eczema, menopause syndromes, dermatomyositis. Required 2 – 3 courses with daily 1 or 2 treatments. Prevention treatments may be recommended.

Otorrhea, otitis media, rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, hey fever, chronic pharyngitis, chronic laryngitis, urticaria, herpes zoster, chronic gastritis, chronic colitis and diseases of gynecology. Required 10 – 15 sittings on alternate day. Prevention treatments may be recommended.

Neurological disorders, rheumatology and orthopaedic disorder, stroke-paralysis, neuritis, neuralgia, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, post-operative pain syndromes etc. Require a course of 15 sittings and prevention treatments are needed.

All patients will be given reading materials to help them gained further understanding on their cases.

Duration of standard treatment is about 15 – 20 minutes, full treatment about 30 – 40 minutes.

The estimated time needed to complete an acupuncture session on a new patient’s first visit is about 1 hour.  This includes waiting time, special acupuncture diagnosis, treatment time, explication of treatment procedures and basic TCM concepts governing patients’ complaints, and questions & answers session.

Yi Jing Huan Qi” – The pinnacle of ancient healing art Healing with the power of the mind

医意, 针气, 气功念力的医疗医学是一门精湛的艺术,是黄帝内径第十三

篇 “移精变气” 所记载医学中的一门高深学问,许多著名的医学工作者都有这方面

的体验, 即在不知不觉地 将他丰富的医疗经验结合医疗意念,应用於他的工作中,

成功治愈许多痼病。 因此医是医艺, 用心也, 气功也, 意念力也, 是气功应用於

医疗的一门学问。 建议医学工作者也学习这门学问。

The first official record of “Yi Jing Huan Qi” can be found in Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine. The term “Yi Jing” literally means shifting the thought (Jing), while “Huan Qi” literally means changing the energy (Qi). Briefly, the theory described using the power of mind to restore the patients’ Qi from the state of imbalance to balance, thereby-rendering cure. This helps explain why the same illness can be cured by one practitioner but not necessary by another, even though if they may use similar methods.

Explore the various ancient techniques with e-system acupuncture


Rolled Moxa wool or cut moxa stick can be used here, placed close to the skin surface and on the needle before lighting it, commonly applied to chronic diseases, such as Omarthritis, Sciatica, Herpes Zoster, persistent Asthma, etc. Treatments are usually given once daily or every alternate day.


Direct moxibustion is used here, one consumed cone is known as “Zhuang”. Usually 3 zhuang to 7 zhuang is used. Some acupoints or conditions may use up to 500 zhuangs. This method is to create a tiny blistering / festers on the skin, inducing a sterile superficial immunity effect to reduce pain, dredge collaterals, stimulate interferon, production of anti-inflammatory enzymes, and increase immunity. Suitable for low immune conditions, such as asthma, allergies, herpes zoster, arthritis, joints inflammation, geriatric problems, weakness, tumors, etc. Treatments are usually given two or three times a week.

 3.HOT NEEDLING METHOD火针刺法—-深入烧炙疗法

Known as焠刺法, this is an ancient acupuncture technique by inserting hot needle into the affected area, often used in surgical conditions and arthritic inflamed joints. In order to achieve cell regeneration, superficial or old cells structures were broken down, similar to destroying the mutated cells. Eg., Warts, Pigmentation, deep tissue symptoms, allergic dermatitis, eczema,. Therapeutic course of treatments require two to five sittings.


Hao Zhen ( 毫针 ) or Filiform Needle is the most commonly used needle in the modern acupuncture developments. This form of acupuncture needles have been practised worldwide by western trained acupuncturist. The techniques of the needle which include, insertion of the needle, reinforcing and reducing manipulations. A skillful practitioner will be able to induce and direct vital energy (Qi) to the acupuncture points as to enhance the effects of the technique. This technique can be used for all kinds of ailments.


Cutting Method is an ancient acupuncture technique by applying small needle-blades into affected location, hand, foot, or deep tissue. Suitable for various conditions related to the bones, joints, and cell renewals in wound healing. For example, in cancer cases, the immune system can be stimulated by applying the cutting method on Carcinoma points of the Foot.

In modern day acupuncture, normal or special acupuncture needles can be used to deal the same effect.  It is better known as Acupuncture Microsurgery, a highly refined skill and is almost similar to modern medical concept。         that may cost many times more.

In certain conditions, needles were applied in quick insert and remove actions on acupoints. Example, 钩针(Gou Zhen) or Hook Needle as used for cutting, 芒针(Mang Zhen) or Long Needle as used in deep tissue acupuncture, or 雀啄术 Sparrow Pecking Needling Method, 报刺术 Trigger Needling Method in the deep acupoint, 沿皮刺法 (Yan Pi Ci Fa), applying needles along the skin. 骨刺法 (Gu Ci Fa), applying needles into the deep acupoint on the side of the bones.

The common syndrome among the cases where these techniques were applied is a combination of stagnation of Qi and Blood, obstructing the meridians and collaterals, leading to poor blood circulation, pain and numbness, malnutrition and weakness, further strains to the affected area.

Variety of bones and joints disorders, such as disease along the spinal column, frozen shoulders, arthritic inflammation, deformation, stiffness, pains and numbness, calculi, spurs, hyperosteogeny, immobility, etc., can be helped by using acupuncture microsurgery technique.

Sports or trauma injuries, chronic condition of wear and tear of joints, and post operative wound healing, hemorrhoids, low immune disorders such as asthma, can also be helped.  Therapeutic course of treatments require about two to five sittings and it is advisable to consult Acupuncturist regarding this method of treatment.


Usually can be observed as row of 10 to 18 needles inserted along the surface area of the head, treatments arranged for once daily or alternate days. From the research gathered by many TCM and Acupuncture hospitals and practitioners, this method renders good results for post stroke hemiplagia, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, post operative paralysis, vertigo, and loss of speech, trigeminal neuralgia, and cerebellum imbalance. Neurological function disorders such as chorea, intelligence, and epilepsy. Others such as organ prolapsed and abnormal uterine bleeding can also be helped using this method.

Opposing side will be used for treatment, such as treatment will be applied on the left head if the hemiplagia occur on the right.

For more details on this method, please refer to the relevant books written by various professors who are familiar with this technique, such as Dr Jiao Shunfa and Prof Mingqing Zhu.


Using Jia Ji points, or 两边 (Liang Bian), distributed on both sides of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae, and can be observed as row of 18 to 28 needles inserted on either side, or observed as one straight row. Moxa cones or wool can be used too. Treatments can be applied daily or alternate days. Suitable for degenerative disorders, cervical spondylosis, inflammation of vertebrae, spinal column disorders, respiratory and blood vessels disorders, digestive disorders of liver and gall bladder, diabetes, myasthenia gravis, lower limbs paralysis, etc.

Applying the E System acupuncture theory, these sets of Jia Ji points can be used to treat the relative organs disorder along the path of spinal column, enabling the blood supply more nutrients to the acupoint and specific organs, and to enhance the body immune system.


Also known as bleeding method, this is another ancient technique, using acupuncture techniques to bleed or “drain”, usually to activate blood and Qi, reduce swelling, disperse stagnation, and detoxify cases of inflammation, reduction of heat in Excessive disorders, complements Acupuncture Microsurgery for the surface in necessary cases. Needling methods such as 梅花针or 七星针Therapeutic course of treatments require 1 to 3 sittings.

Three-Edged Needle apply blood letting for dispersing a stasis三棱针–手术排血/放血疗法

Suitable for various emergency conditions, using 三棱针 (San Ling Zhen, otherwise known as Three-Edged Needle) to perform blood letting technique for disperse, relief the condition. San Ling Zhen blood letting method can be applied on emergency conditions such as Acute Laryngitis, Tonsilitis, heat stroke, apoplexy, Acute Pain syndrome or acute low back pain. Also suitable for acute gastrointestinal inflammation, etc.

Distal acupoints such as finger tips can be selected to apply blood letting for dispersing a stasis, or stagnation. This is common in stroke conditions or cerebral haemorrhage.


Used in promoting circulation of blood and Qi, pain relief, reduce swelling, dispel cold and dampness, often used for arthritis of wind-cold-dampness, acute sprains, cold syndromes, wind syndromes, acute gastrointestinal pain. Local area usually becomes sore, flushed or bruised, and is considered normal and will disappear after some time.

Colour is used to define various conditions in the TCM theory. After removal of the cup, the location may have a bruise or colored circular mark, indication of the condition related to the acupoint, the location or even the related organ.

If it is observed to be red, it can be explained as Heat or Blockage in the meridians & collaterals or internal organs being overactive. Dark red colour, sometimes accompanied with slight swelling, is another indication of Qi and blood blockage and stagnation in the meridians and channels, commonly found in cases of external injury, eg., like a bad fall, sports injury or traumatic accident.

If the location is observed as yellow, may be due to wind and dampness, can be found in rheumatic arthritis conditions, 痹症 Bi-Syndrome, disorders in the joints, four limbs, and affecting the meridians, organs or distal joints.

Greenish Purple – Cold and dampness, commonly found with very poor micro-circulation or numbness, usually some stimulation such as tapping or massage is applied before putting on the cups.


Can be applied through various instruments such as Hanging, Box, or applied direct onto the needle. Indirectly over a piece of ginger, salt or garlic.

11.Treatment advice:  治疗建议:

Within 24 hours after Acupuncture treatment, the response of endocrine to perform homeostasis is high but gradually disperses after 72 hours. Therefore, it is advisable to follow instructions on the next treatment.

Acute illness has to be treated intensively daily or twice a day to obtain the required results.

For chronic and complicated cases it is advisable to continue treatment for 10-15 sittings as a course, or if necessary, as many as 30 sittings in one treatment course.

Sittings for prevention treatment and health improvement could be arranged for once a month or special arrangement for prevention treatment for acute seasonal attacks of asthma, bronchitis asthma and pre-menopause syndromes.

ECIWO Acupuncture Therapy is the latest way to explain Acupuncture. It means “Embryo Containing Information of the Whole Organism”, and is based on the Bioholography Law and Pan-Embryo Therapy. When this therapy is applied, the organic hormone for homeostasis is influenced. The duration of every treatment is 20-45 minutes with a course of 1-15 sittings. Depending on individual response to the treatment, some cases may see improvements

In Acute or Early onset of symptoms, usually 1 to 3 acupoints are selected without strong stimulation, without retaining the needles, because the acupoints will normally experience strong reaction to the stimulation during these periods.

Chronic or needle phobic, or weak physical constitution, 5 to 7 acupoints, without strong stimulation retain 30 to 45 minutes; additional stimulation may be applied during intervals.

In certain cases, the course of meridians and collaterals were selected, by inserting needles on opposite direction with the points, facing each other. Usually found on four limbs, using up to 16 to 32 needles. This can serve as “locking” the acupoint, reinforce or even to reduce the treatment effect.

Except traumatic injuries, the Nature Cure theory can assist the human body’s immune system overcome any disease (from ageing to cell changes) caused by imbalance hormones of insufficient endocrine.

These conditions cause malfunction of the body’s immune system, resulting in weak resistance. This, in turn, causes individual cells to grow abnormally, according to turmoil-based, or TCM theory. This can be rectified with acupuncture treatment and acupuncture microsurgery has proven to be effective in stimulating the body to produce substances for overcoming illnesses, as well as delaying ageing.

Ordinary Acupuncture, ECIWO Acupuncture, ECIWO Medicine and Ancient Acupuncture surgery are considered remedies with potential to conquer symptoms related to all kinds of diseases. From the first diagnosis the patient will be advised on the numbers of treatment needed and will be closely observed and monitored during the course of treatment.

The conclusion that (except for cases like bone fracture, old age and collapse of the Yin and Yang disease) Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine based on the latest Embryonic ECIWO Therapy receives good response than conventional medicine and in comparison produces far fewer side effects it is the natural way of cure for sicknesses.

Acupuncture on Breast Cancer – Case #1

She had been diagnosed in hospital specialist clinic as CA Breast, and underwent surgery and chemotherapy. Suffers from Post-operative Syndromes including pains, cold hands and feet due to poor microcirculation (Yang Deficiency), difficulty to raise up the right arm. Dark nails were observed in the hands and toes. No family history for cancer and she has been observing her diet and maintaining light exercises before diagnosis of cancer.

The auricular diagnosis was Bronchi38, Rec38, St33, Ub85, K75, T145 and T242. Patient received acupuncture treatments during her course of chemotherapy. Aim to reduce the severity of her symptoms and to increase her immunity. Major points prescribed were the ECIWO Lungs / Breast on the left, E-system Waiguan, Yanglao, Zhusanli and Tianzong.

Symptoms gradually subsided. On the 4th treatment, patient began to take Ling Zhi Broken Spores and Shark Cartilage. Her immunity and overall energy showed great improvements. After one course of 10 treatments, patient is able to do her own shopping.

To further increase nutrients into the blood and auto-immune system, in order to boost micro-circulation, she began taking Bazhen and Wu Gong Mi with her regular Lingzhi Broken Spores.

Her state of health has been maintained, with evidence of new hair growth on the head and weight increase. Also she was able to a few short overseas trips as a holiday. She is currently on Regular Health Maintenance Treatments. Points taken were Zhusanli, Yanglao, Tianzhong, Yintang and Sanyingjiao.

In July 2007, a local magazine and some reporters had interviewed and published her story on the battle of Breast Cancer.

Acupuncture on Arthritis, Headaches, General Lethargy and Eczema due to 20 years of anti-rheumatic medicines

On her first visit to my clinic in 2005, she had suffered from Arthritis of the joints, headaches and general lethargy. She had also symptoms such as cold limbs and extremities. This problem was relieved after 6 treatments. Due to her short stay in Singapore, she would always arrange for time to come in for treatments for her shoulders and knees.

In 2007, on her 2 separate visits, I was surprised to find her with Eczema and skin allergies on her face. I managed to find out that she had been taking a group of anti-rheumatic medicines for her Arthritic Inflammation over 20 years. Upon further research I found out that some of the medications would bring on undesired complications. Eg, Skin conditions, Eczema.

For her skin allergies on the face, I had selected ECIWO Head of 2nd metacarpal bone, Quchi, Sanyinjiao, Dazhui, Fengchi, for two treatments a day.

Acupuncture on Acute Lumbago

Patient had been suffering from Acute Lumbago for 2 years. Underwent various scans in the specialists’ clinics. Conclusion on treatment recommended was to go through operation and a series of osteoporotic preventions such as physiotherapy.

Auricular Diagnosis were Liv80, Ub72, K76, Li78 and Gb78. Acute back pain for 2 years affecting the left leg, with pain and numbness. Pain also radiate upward to shoulders. There was inflammation of the tendons, joints on the left limbs, and was unable to sit down for long. Points selected were E-System Neck & Lumbar, ECIWO Kidney, Zhongzhu, Futu, Fengchi, Xialiao, Weizhong and Juegu.

The treatments were performed once daily, followed by alternate days. She had made remarkable progress from the treatments. The gradual improvements were observed on each occasion she came for her treatments. She had also verbalized of the reduction in pain since the treatments.

At the end of her treatments, she was able to move her arms, and there was no longer pain from her shoulders down to her arms. She was able to sit up for longer period of time. She had received only 8 sittings instead of 15 sessions, which I had thought she would require.

Acupuncture on Breast Cancer – Case 2

CA Breast. The tumour can be palpated. History of Hypertension, taking Cozaar, half a tablet OM. Symptoms including belching, indigestion and bloatedness in the stomach, cold perspiration, poor circulation, cold hands and feet. TCM diagnosis with External “Xu” & Internal “Heat”, therefore causing heat in the body and lead to insomnia.

Patient has received treatments of around 36 times between May 2006 to April 2007. Each time she is in Singapore she will receive an average of 3 to 5 days of treatment, 2 times a day. Points selected were ECIWO Lung, Kidney, Zhongwan, Qihai, Zhusanli, Feishu, Xinshu and Shenshu. Traditional Chinese Herbs, such as Ling Zhi Broken Spores, Ning Shen Bu Nao Fu Fang, were recommended to patient, as a reinforcing treatment therapy.

Follow up at the hospital specialist clinic showed that the cancerous tumour disappeared, on the Left side, 3 small ones had been found growing and the right 2 Lumps had gradually disappeared. She had later brought her family members including her son, daughter-in-law, sister and husband to Singapore for consultations and health maintenance treatments.

Acupuncture on Chronic Cough

Mr Gwee had a history of chronic cough for over 6 months. There were throat irritations, hoarse voice, and dry sputum. The extent of coughing had been worrying to his children. He had been seen and treated by doctors and TCM practitioners for several years with no results and Chest X-ray showed no active infected nodes.

On his first visit, he had uncontrollable cough, which had caused alarm to other patients. From the Auricular finding, the energy levels at 89/54 with Lungs 87. Therefore, points taken on him were mainly regional- such as on the Chest and the Lungs – and Large Intestine channel, included ECIWO Lungs, E-system Neiguan, Tiantu, Zhongwan, Zhusanli and Feishu.

His cough had been under control after 3 sittings of treatments. I had prescribed some pills that helped him to lubricate the throat and tonics for the lungs. However, he had been coming back on a regular basis to keep up his health. His daughter would bring him in on all his appointments.

Treatment of Asthma in Children with Light Acupuncture Containing Singlet Oxygen Energy

Acupuncture is used the world over in the treatment of asthma. This use of acupuncture is confirmed by many clinical and experimental studies. Only a few of these studies, however, satisfy the strict criteria of medical documentation demanded in Western countries. In a report from an expert committee to WHO in 1994 the need for double blind, single blind and randomized studies was emphasized. At the Baltic Congress of Acupuncture in Riga 1998 Professor Nezabudkin presented a large study comprising more than 600 cases of asthma at a university hospital in St. Petersburg, satisfying these strict scientific criteria and documenting the efficacy of acupuncture in asthma. So far, however, this study is available only in Russian.

In the treatment of children it is preferable to avoid the use of needles. Soft laser acupuncture was first developed by professor V. Injushin in Alma Ata in the early 1970’s and is now used in eastern Europe, China and many other countries. At an international acupuncture congress in Paris in 1990 Dr. Grubor presented a study from a university clinic in Sarajevo, comprising 138 children suffering from asthma treated by soft laser acupuncture. 72 of these were treated with an infrared Gallium Arsenicum laser of 6 mW, and 66 with a red Helium-Neon laser of 4 mW. Traditional Chinese acupuncture points were used. Each point was irradiated for 20-30 seconds, and the treatment was given in two series of 10 daily treatments each with an interval of one month in between. The results were evaluated after one year. There werer no significant differences between the two groups. Highly positive results were achieved in both groups. In 90 cases (71,43%) the children were either cured from their asthma or markedly improved, the medication either having been stopped or substantially reduced, and the children being free from asthma. In 29 cases (23,02%) there was improvement, while 6 cases (4,76%) were unchanged. No unfavourable side effects were observed and only 1 case was worse. In 12 cases they were not able to collect information after one year. (1)

This study from Sarajevo was not followed up due to the war in Bosnia. It shows, however, that light acupuncture with specific, coherent light may be an interesting alternative in the treatment of children suffering from asthma. The purpose of our study has been to test a similar method in a sufficiently large number of children suffering from asthma in Norway to see if this is a practical therapeutic alternative also in our country.


As a specific light we have chosen light that is emitted by molecules of Singlet Oxygen reverting to Oxygen in the ground state, so called ‘Singlet Oxygen Energy’ (SOE). There are several reasons why we have chosen this form of specific light therapy. This light in biologically active dosages is so weak that it can not harm the eyes if these should be exposed by accident. Highly interesting experimental research has been done at the University of Göteborg (Sweden), demonstrating the strong biological effect of this light, and proving that this specific light has great medical and scientific interest. (2,3)

We have used an instrument produced by Valkion AB in Göteborg. In the activation chamber of this instrument Singlet Oxygen is produced by a photochemical method. Singlet Oxygen is a molecular form of Oxygen that is in a higher energetic state than Oxygen in the ground state. It is highly unstable and will revert to Oxygen in the ground state within a fraction of a second, emitting a specific light energy of wave length 634,7 nanometer. This specific light energy (SOE) is conducted together with light from the illuminating halogen lamp through a fiber optic cable for illumination of the skin point.

Each treatment session includes the irradiation of 7-10 acupuncture points. We have used points known from acupuncture experience to be effective in the treatment of asthma. As standard points we have used Lung-5 and Lung-7, Large intestine 11 and Spleen 10 for exogenous, allergic asthma, and used the same basic program with a small variation in cases of more endogenous asthma. Each point is irradiated for ca. 30 seconds, each session taking 5-10 minutes. As a rule we have given two series of 6 treatments each with an interval of 1-2 months in between. As the treatment is done on an out patient basis we have generally treated 2 or 3 times a week. The therapy has, however, to some degree been adapted to the individual case, as some children were free from their asthma and need for medication after only 6 treatments, while others were in need of further treatment after having completed the 2 courses of 6 treatments each.


Dr. Schjelderup and Susan Thorkildsen started their part of the project in January 1998. In May 1998 Dr. Stadheim joined the project. The results for both groups were evaluated in September 1999 and are given separately for the two groups.

In the Schjelderup/Thorkildsen group there are 19 children of age 1-12 years. 3 of these children had recurrent respiratory infections with asthmatic bronchitis and were diagnosed as cases of endogenous asthma. The other 16 children had exogenous asthma or asthma of mixed exogenous/endogenous type. Average number of sessions with SOE acupuncture was 10. 16 children were either cured, being free from asthma and without medication, or much improved, only having need of medication temporarily in case of respiratory infection or exposure to excessive amounts of allergens. – If this need of occasional medication was real or not, was however, difficult to judge in many cases, as parents of children with asthma tend to believe that any respiratory symptoms, as for example in a common cold, signifies asthma and need for medication. – The 3 remaining children were also improved. This gives the following results:

Cured or much improved: 16 cases 84,21 %
Improved: 3 cases 15,79 %

In Stadheim’s group there are 41 children with diagnosed asthma. 35 of these children were either cured from their asthma or much improved, all of them being free from medication. Some of these children were initially so ill and heavily medicated that they had been diagnosed as asthma grade IV and had repeatedly been hospitalized. 3 of these severely asthmatic children were later examined at the main clinic for asthma in children at Voksenåsen in Norway and were found to be free from asthma. 2 of these children had been so ill that they had been on continual medication with systemic steroids. They had now been free from medication for 4 and 6 months respectively. Another child had come to Dr. Stadheim with his third pneumonia in 2 months with high fever and classical pulmonary signs. In agreement with the mother Dr. Stadheim tried SOE acupuncture in stead of antibiotics this time and could observe how the pneumonia regressed quickly and the child recovered completely within 5 days. Some of these severe cases of asthma grade III-IV had needed more than 12 treatment sessions with SOE acupuncture. The largest number of treatments given were 24.

Cured or much improved: 35 cases 85,37 %


According to our study, 51 out of 60 children, that is 85 %, have either been cured or much improved from their asthma. We have observed no unwanted side effects, and the improvement in the general state and well being of the children has often been striking.

The results confirm the positive results from the study of Dr. Grubor from Sarajevo, and shows that SOE acupuncture is an at least equally good alternative as soft laser acupuncture for this kind of therapy. In our 60 cases we have an observation time of one year or more. This confirms the experience from Sarajevo that the improvement achieved is relatively permanent. In some cases we have seen temporary relapses connected with respiratory infections. These, however, can easily be treated with a few additional sessions with SOE acupuncture.

Basic research done by Professor Bassam Soussi with MNR spectroscopy at the Wallenberg Laboratory at the University of Göteborg has proved that, while Singlet Oxygen in molecular form is highly reactive acting like a free radical, SOE has a very positive biological effect, acting as a strong antioxidant (2). SOE has a positive effect on living tissue, significantly improving the vitality and preservation of muscle transplants for transplantation surgery. (3,4) Large scale clinical research has been done in Ukraine proving the positive therapeutic effect of SOE therapy. Of special interest are three large studies, comprising 1303 children of age 6–15 years from regions strongly polluted by radioactivity after the Chernobyl accident. (4,5,6) These studies show that therapy with SOE gives significantly better results when added to routine therapy in the treatment of a great variety of medical problems. The perhaps most interesting finding was that SOE therapy significantly increases the secretion of radioactive Cesium-137 in these children.

The phenomenon of photo-repair has been known since the 1930’s. This phenomenon, where the self-repair of DNA is stimulated by irradiation with specific wave lengths of light, is of great potential medical interest. SOE apparently has a very great potential for stimulating photo-repair. It is our hope that our small study shall serve to stimulate further research in this promising field.

In 2002 we made a further follow up of asthmatic children treated by SOE acupuncture. We now had a material of 134 children suffering from asthma that had been treated by this method by 4 different acupuncturists. Approximately similar positive results were obtained by all of them. Although our study is to be regarded as a pilot study and hopefully may be followed up by more strictly designed scientific studies, we feel that we have a sufficient basis to recommend this method of SOE acupuncture in the treatment of asthma in children to others.


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